The Strawman Theory Explained

Want to reclaim your strawman? Are you trying to reclaim your name and your birth certificate? We are here to present to you information that pertains to your birth certificate, common law and the ‘strawman theory’. We will reveal what works for you and what doesn’t work.

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Cestui Que Vie

A breakdown and interpretation of both CQV 1666 and CQV 1707 acts.

Birth Certificate

Aspects of Your Birth Certificate, Its limitations and how it affects you.

Reclaim Your Strawman

Understanding the pros and cons when it comes to reclaiming your strawman.

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Quantum Grammar

The dangers of using Quantum Grammar in your documents and when presenting your case in court.

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Creditors In Commerce

Learn how to act as a creditor and how to stay in honour when it comes to your contracts.

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Bailiff Claim

Do you have bailiffs actively seeking to reclaim an alleged debt? here are some tips to help you.

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The History of Gillick Consent

Gillick v West Norfolk and Wisbech Area Health Authority Gillick competence is a term originating in England and wales…

Reclaiming Your Strawman: is it really worth it?

The Strawman Theory

Did you know that because the Government love us so much they created a LEGAL FICTION (Strawman) for you when you were born. Well, so that’s how the story goes. But are there any truths behind it all? Within this website we will discuss what you need to know about your ‘strawman’.

Reclaim Your Legal Fiction

What does it mean when people use the term ‘reclaim your strawman?’ Is it necessary to do so? Does this method even work? How do you even reclaim your strawman? Here, we will discuss more about your birth certificate and what it actually is and represents.

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Know how to present your case in court

How to prepare documents for court
Your legal Fiction

How to present yourselves in court
Reclaiming your strawman using affidavits?

Learn how to perfect an Affidavit


We have learnt so much about our Birth certificate using Trust law and contracts. They don’t overload you with all that jargon so it’s easy to digest!

NWGB Foundation
NWGB Foundation

If it wasn’t for the forgotten law and what we learnt from them, we would have lost many of our cases within the courts.

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Marc J Lawson

If you want to learn law in a simplified way, these are your go to guys! Learning about Contracts with these guys have been a joy!

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The Green Bird Foundation

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