How to not register your child legally

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“Explore the unconventional path of parenthood in our groundbreaking book read by 1000s, revealing the ins and outs of how to navigate the legal landscape while choosing not to register your child, ensuring a thought-provoking and informative read for those seeking alternative perspectives.”


Because you issued a grant to the state for them to become the legal title holder of your property, all their statutes involving the ownership and operation of the motor vehicle applies to its users. You have consented to it by a contract – when you register anything with the state or federal government, that which you registered are placed in trust and a grant is made to the state. It was a voluntary act and now you acting as your legal fiction (strawman) enjoys a beneficial use as long as he stays within the boundaries of the trustee’s rules and regulations regarding the property

3 reviews for How to not register your child legally

  1. Louise

    It works guys! Received our acknowledgment today! Next is getting the passport now. This book really helped give the confidence we needed to take this step. Not for everyone, but we chose this way. Good luck guys!

  2. Elizabeth

    Just what we needed!! To think we stumbled accross your site after going through other sites similar to yours but not as detailed and specific.

    We’ll be donating to the cause!

  3. Joseph

    І needed to thank you foг this! Great easy to follow steps! Love your website!

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