Why you shouldn’t use Quantum Grammar

The word Quantum Grammar is a made up construct created by a man named David-Wynn: Miller who is widely known in his country for his outrageous claims and being band from most courts in his country.

Who is David Miller?

Miller lived in Ohio before moving to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In his Messianic origin story, he said that he died for half an hour at the age of 25 when an inept surgeon removed both his kidneys and adrenal glands. His heart restarted spontaneously while outside his body during autopsy. Following this, he said his IQ became 200, his endorphin levels were six times normal, and he stopped aging.[9][10] According to his website, he appeared pro se 67 times in child custody hearings, losing every time, and was inspired to develop his own theory of language. Among the bizarre rules of his language, sentences start with prepositional phrases, only nouns have legal meaning,[9] and a word that starts with a vowel followed by two consonants voids a contract.[11] He began styling his name as “David-Wynn: Miller”, claiming that the punctuation marks are hieroglyphics that make him “life” and that without them his name is two adjectives and a pronoun.[9] He “turned Hawaii into a verb” to become “King of Hawaii”.[12]

Milers Claims

The Los Angeles Times characterized Miller’s political views as “far-right“.[20] The Anti-Defamation League described Miller in an article on the Redemption movement: “This Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based sovereign citizen is one of the most unusual of the ‘common law gurus’ who travel the country holding seminars and offering legal advice. Miller has created his own unique version of English grammar, one that even many sovereign citizens find hard to understand or accept.”[21] Miller claimed that Bill Clinton and the entire Supreme Court of the United States were his students. The Southern Poverty Law Center listed a wide variety of conspiracy theories associated with Miller.[12][22]

In 2001 he was banned from entry into Canada for 2 years after a number of judges had jailed people for contempt of court after they had attempted to use his truth language to defend tax evasion charges. An Australian barrister has described Miller’s teachings as “the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard in my life.”[11]

A “federal postal court”, operated by Miller and unrelated to the civil court operated by the United States Postal Service issued a $11.5 million dollar judgement against a mortgage service company because “a sophisticated mathematical understanding of language that proves that certain mortgage documents are fraudulent”. The federal judge who struck down the filing, one of dozens from Miller’s court, as “a sham and no more than a product of fertile imagination”.[23]

Millers help has gotten people in jail!

Defendants have attempted to use Miller’s language or ideas in courts of the United States and Canada. These attempts have been uniformly unsuccessful.

In 1998 Miller assisted Ingleside, Illinois resident George Johnson in his legal defense against child molestation charges.[24] Johnson was convicted and returned to prison in 1999.[25]

In June 1998 Prescott, Arizona resident James McCreary filed a federal lawsuit after being arrested in February for aggravated assault and possession of drug paraphernalia. In his filing, “McCreary mentions the name of his apparent mentor. David Wynn Miller of Ohio is an advocate of the restoration of Constitutional rights through ‘correct’ language and procedure.”[26] McCreary’s actions in court got his conviction reduced by the judge to three misdemeanors, and he was sentenced to three concurrent 60-day sentences in jail.[8]

In August 2001, Paul and Myrna Schuck unsuccessfully used Miller’s language during a tax-evasion trial in Calgary, Alberta. They wrote their names on postage stamps affixed to laminated identification badges, which they claimed gave them authority equal to the Queen of England’s. Online posts during the proceedings show they were using Miller’s methods. They served 19 days of a 30-day sentence.[2][18][13]

In October 2001, Andrew William Sereda, a naturopath, went to jail in Calgary, Alberta for contempt of court when he addressed a judge in Miller’s language during his tax evasion trial.[2]

In September 2002, Miller was profiled when Milwaukee-based accountant Steven Allen Magritz was jailed after engaging in what authorities called “paper terrorism“, or filing large numbers of legal claims against perceived enemies, as part of the sovereign citizen anti-government movement. The article calls Miller “the movement’s linguist” and outlines his belief that people don’t need to pay taxes if they can “prove that money is a verb”.[27] Magritz was convicted in 2003 on seven counts of criminal slander of title and sentenced to five years in prison.[28]

In December 2002, Wisconsin juries convicted Oconomowoc, Wisconsin residents Janice K. Logan and Jason Zellmer (Miller’s cousin)[27] of “simulating legal process” by filing documents that purported to be legal documents from the jurisdiction of the “Unity States of the World,” a concept originated by Miller.[29][30] Zellmer had been previously convicted of resisting an officer.[27] Miller testified at the trial. The defendants were found guilty. Miller remarked that the genesis of Truth-language was when he “turned Hawaii into a verb” and showed “how a preposition is needed to certify a noun.”[31][32]

In 2005, Montclair, New Jersey resident Brenda Rickard was arrested and charged with orchestrating a $30 million mortgage scam: “Rickard, who claimed her name is :Brenda :Rickard, is a follower of :Judge: David-Wynn: Miller, who gives seminars around the country and advocates speaking in the ‘true language,’ which features odd punctuation and syntax. ‘I have no problem with the complaint against me as long as it’s in the truthful language,’ Rickard told the judge.” Her lawyer requested a psychological evaluation following Rickard’s behavior in court.[33] Rickard and co-defendant Jamila Davis were convicted of conspiracy and six counts of bank fraud in 2008.[34]


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