Bailiff Notice of Contract


Having disputes with your creditor?

Fill in your details
Print and display where it can be seen.

Read the guidelines so you have some idea and knowing of what it is you are doing. continue to resolve your issue with your creditor. If you owe a debt, you should arrange a payment plan or pay it in full!



Free notice of contract for those who want to remove any implied access to their property.

Download, fill in your details, print and display where it can be seen by all Bailiffs.

A debtor can remove right of implied access by displaying a notice at the entrance. This was endorsed by Lord Justice Donaldson in the case of Lambert v Roberts [1981] 72 Cr App R 223 – and placing such a notice is akin to a closed door but it also prevents a bailiff entering the garden or driveway, Knox v Anderton [1983] Crim LR 115 or R. v Leroy Roberts [2003] EWCA Crim 2753.

For further information and an in-depth understanding behind the notice and your actions. please visit 



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