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“Hey there we notice you have a child, In order for your child to be recognised by our members and be able to do business within our realms, your child would need to be signed via application. Your child will than receive all the benefits and privileges it needs to operate and we will look after your child as it will be our duty to do so”

There’s a lot of scary information out there regarding your Birth Certificate and its usages. Because of this, some of you have gone to great lengths to try destroy, or get rid of your Birth Certificate altogether.

We hope that the information on this website will help you guys make your own decisions and understand that you don’t have to get rid of your birth certificate or need to reclaim your birth certificate. There is another way!

Introduction – A philosophical viewpoint

When we were first born, we were born as Living beings – a creation that came from the creator. For our place of domain, we were giving this earth to live upon. As beings on earth, we were given the freedom and free will to live free, so long as we didn’t step beyond our bounds and means.

Our bounds and means (Rules) were given to us through scriptures and can be evidenced by reading the 10 commandments. The 10 commandments are what formed as a foundation for ALL laws to be recognised with.

Our universal declaration of our human rights (The father document that gave birth to the Human Rights Act 1988)are derived from these specific commandments and has become part of the common law that we have today; however, all elements have now been narrowed down to 3 elements:

1. Thou shall not cause harm or injury to others

2. Thou shall not cause mischief or fraud in his/her contracts

3. Thou shall not cause any loss

So without us sometimes realising, we have been naturally governed by the rules set out by our creator – These are our limitation – Our rules – Our terms and conditions. And because of this, the creator’s law is obsolete! Meaning, it can’t be removed or any new laws written as an addition.

Man cannot create man made laws and add it on top of the creator’s laws as they have no authority to do such a thing. Only the creator has such an authority. In order to make man made rules and apply it to men and women, there would need to be a new system put in place; a new system that can mimic the creators system of ‘creation and laws’.

When we refer to ourselves, we understand our bodies to be being something tangible, something of real substance, something made from flesh blood and bones.

Our creator – after creating us -gave us a place to live on Earth. But we wasn’t free to live and just do as we please. Instead we were given instructions that would lay down the foundations of law. it would be a set of rules that would teach us how to deal with one another and how to live in harmony with one another in justice. Commonly known to be the 10 commandments.

Those that understood the law and understood their position with the creator understood that there could ne no more laws added onto the creators 10 commandments. They understood at that time that to further progress as societies and different states, there would need to be a separate system that would cater and allow for new rights to be passed without trespassing on the laws of the creator.

Humans are clever and cunning beings. We knew that we have no authority to add additional rules on top of what was already set for us by the creator. So instead they created fictitious entities, entities that would possess its own rights and have rights paced upon it. This new idea would create a new separate entity which would embody all of our life force and intellectual thinking- it would be the closest thing to being us in the real form.

But everything in their world is based on one important factor. Consent and compliance to its rules. without it they have no jurisdiction over your person, and its at that point that the laws of nature, the laws of god, the divine law applies and supersedes any other law form.

The legal fiction is their creation. they own its patents. they own a portion of its rights. they lay down the rules that are attached to it.

In order to pass down new laws and new rules to progress and evolve, there would be a need for this type of system to exist. No man has the authority or instruction to create new laws and place it upon men and women that exist in the creators jurisdiction. What you create is what you have claim and control over. The Government didn’t create us. God did. That is what is commonly believed and how law seeks its foundations from.

Great Britain vs United Kingdom

Great Britain is what is known as the geographical land mass in which all its other forms of states and cities are place within.

Great Britain, therefore, is a geographic term referring to the island also known simply as Britain. It’s also a political term for the part of the United Kingdom made up of England, Scotland and Wales (including the outlying islands that they administer, such as the Isle of Wight).

United Kingdom, on the other hand, is purely a political term: it’s the independent country that encompasses all of Great Britain and the region now called Northern Ireland.

To make things easier for understanding purposes, we will address the United Kingdom as a company rather than society

The United Kingdom – The Company

It’s argued that United Kingdom is a registered Company (ref:, which means it operates as a business, being a Company means it has to have employers to keep the company running;

Those with National Insurance Number and Birth Certificates are the employees of this company – you will not be recognised as being part of this company if you have no ticket or certificate to prove you are part of said society – United Kingdom Only recognises its employers (Citizens)

As a company, there has to be company policies in order for the company to run according to its terms; the company as it stands (UK) requires us to pay Tax and follow its rules and policies commonly known as: Legislation, Acts, Statutes, Codes or Pace;

Within a company there has to be a disciplinary procedure in which would keep its employers in check as well as keep the company running in harmony with its policies. Like all companies there has to be disciplinary procedures and managers/directives to ensure such procedures take place.

So who do you think are there to discipline its members?

The Courts, The police and any other authority in this company are your areas of complaints and discipline. Simply put, the police are the ones who will ensure that we are punished if we fall out of line. It is also interesting to find that ALL police stations have been registered to companies house [i](Can be seen on companies house-type in your local police station) which means they are companies that needs to make a profit. Ever wonder why we are always getting fined for the most trivial of cases?

So if one has to be disciplined whilst operating under their company polices, where does one go for punishment?

Well, here in the United Kingdom, we have specific venues used to ensure all breach of policies are addressed and adhered to – It’s the courts (which can also be seen on companies house as profit making companies) and can be evidenced by our everyday interaction with society and what happens when we breach their policies.

Employers in the United Kingdom are recognised via its Birth Certificate and National Insurance.

Has the penny dropped yet?

So to recap, to be able to work within the United Kingdom or operate within its realms and structures, you would need to be incorporated in its society, just as you would if you were to join someones private/public society or social clubs – for example: if you were at university and you chose to join a specific society or club, you would need membership first – the same applies to becoming part of the United Kingdom. without having a Birth Certificate or National Insurance number, you would not be able to receive the privileges and benefits tat come with being part of said society.

The Vessel

Another way to look at your Birth Certificate is by viewing such document as your interest within a company. for example: when you set up a Limited Company you will have to fill out a bunch of documents first. You will than receive a certificate of incorporation which is a record and proof that you have created a company and also you have an interest within said company. Now lets say the company you set up (assuming you have chosen the right structure) have gotten into debt. the company itself will have accumulated the debt, not you. Think of the company as another personality that has it on set of rules and rights. Your have a company, but you are not the company.

The same concept can be applied to your Birth Certificate –

The Birth Certificate is a vessel in which is almost like another you, a paper version of you. All statutes apply to this vessel. It’s just like a company you set up – You are not the company itself, but you control the company behind the scenes, so you are separate from the company. You have a birth certificate, but you are not the birth certificate – you are separate from it.

When it comes to operating within the United Kingdom via its commercial activities, the birth certificate is needed in order to be recognised in their world. Without it we wouldn’t be able to do business publicly with companies and organisations that only do business with its UK members who are birth certificate holders.

“The key thing is to knowing how to utilise such a document without becoming liable for all its sub contracts”.

So what’s the problem?

The problem lies when laws are being passed down by parliament to its members that take away our natural freedom of rights, for example: our right to protest is being threatened, our freedom of speech has been taken away to an extent. The problem also lies in that we think we have no power or we think that there are no options or remedies put in place to counter this or at the minimum, challenge such new laws.

We must always remember that the purpose of the Birth Certificate wasn’t so that you can be enslaved or it wasn’t to deceive you, it was to provide you with a very strong level of protection against government tyranny.

If they are acting upon your legal fiction and not the human being, you have the right to therefore reject their governance and escape tyranny.

Whats the Remedy?

The remedy lies in becoming and acting as a creditor and controlling your transactions in a position of honor. (See separate post on Creditors In Commerce)


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  1. ALL people born in United Nations member countries have a CQV Trust, and ALL Trustees and Executors are guilty of blatant fraud against all of us , concealing and deceiving us about our assets , using them for their own benefits. Disgusting.

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