We Are Non Profit Organization

We originally set this website up to keep everything in one place including remedies so we can educate the people on what it is they need to know in regards to Law, contracts, and our Rights. Our first project some of you may know as Liberation Squad – a civil rights movement that focused on Law and dealt with issues that arose from the police and other government bodies.

We originally set up Liberation Squad to give a deeper understanding on how our Society relates to us as individuals, what our roles are. Unfortunately due to a lack of awareness and understanding, we sometimes wave away our individual Rights away and a other times fail to exercise the rights we unknowingly have.

There are so many Rights out there that we haven’t exercised, our Rights to travel, our Rights to privacy ,our Rights to protest, and many other aspects of our Rights protected by Law.

We hope that the information on this website will not only explain the myths and theories around becoming a freeman on the land and reclaiming your birth certificate, but also, to be able to give you an understanding on how law works in relation to your in you different roles.

R.I.P John Harris

We Not a ‘Freeman of the Land Movement’

We want to assert and put our disclaimer out there that WE ARE NOT another ‘Freeman Movement’. We DO NOT associate ourselves with any of their movements or organisations.

Our foundations when it came to knowledge did originally start from the sovereign movements that were out there at that time (some 10+ years ago). We quickly learnt that some of what had been taught were counter productive and in actual fact, caused more harm than good.

After years of practising what was taught to us, we eventually understood what it was that was missing and so we expanded on what did work, tweaked what didn’t work, leaving all together that which didn’t work at all.

We appreciate our journey to get to where we are now, we have have met great minds along our way. Without their guidance and knowledge we wouldn’t have any shoulders to stand on.