Who Are We?

If you’re here because you’re interested in reclaiming your Birth Certificate, you’re in the right place. You won’t need to read countless blogs or books after going through our site. We’ve been deeply immersed in studying and practicing this subject for over 25 years and have been living in our private lives and status for more than two decades. Unfortunately In this field, there’s a significant amount of misinformation and misunderstandings.

We created this website with the intention of providing a comprehensive resource for information. This website is designed to not only dispel myths and misconceptions about reclaiming one’s birth certificate and becoming a “freeman on the land,” but also to provide a deeper understanding of how the law applies to individuals in various roles.

We Are Not a ‘Freeman of the Land Movement’

We’ve had the privilege of learning from renowned figures like John Harris, Robert Menard, and various other pioneers of this movement. As a result, you might find that what you discover in this book, along with our other publications, challenges your initial beliefs on this subject.

It’s essential to note that there has been a considerable amount of misinformation circulating, and many individuals have faced legal troubles, some even ending up in prison. If it weren’t for the misinformation we’ve witnessed in the public domain, we might not have created “The Forgotten Law” and produced this information. However, due to the misguided paths some have been led down, we felt compelled to reintroduce this topic in a more accurate and concise manner, with the hope of guiding people toward the right path that can lead to what we all ultimately desire: Freedom.

The sovereign movement we once was apart of became something that served us no real benefit. The essence to the sovereign citizen movement will always be intact, but there is now too much personal opinions and theories that have been mixed in with it along the way causing so many different branches each having their own theory and method.

We are not those guys.